Prayer List

The Prayer List

Bernard & Nancy Anthony
Gary Daum
Allison Downing
Jennifer Farrar
Rodney “Ike” Felix        

Donna Gray
Rocio Holtzinger
Claire Kemp
Tom Meiser
Jackie Millhimes
Geneva Mummert  
Linda Novak
Cliff Reynold
Doris Jean Stock
Mary Stock
Linde Uffelman    

(Please pray for the following Members and Friends)

If you wish to have the name of a family member or friend added to the Prayer List, please contact the Church Office or fill out a prayer request form. The person requesting a name be placed on the list must identify him/herself on the form provided. Anonymous requests for a person to be placed on the list will not be accepted. The name will remain on the list for 3 weeks unless renewed.

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