St. Pauls UCC


St. Paul’s United Church of Christ
20 South Peters Street
New Oxford, Pennsylvania

Rev. Tom Lush, Pastor
Deb Stock, Choir Director
Michelle Deatrick, Council President
Mary Little, Church Secretary 

Sunday morning service at 9:30 AM 

Please join us for our
Easter Service

Sunday, April 4th

 Face Masks are required to be worn during the entire service. Masks will be supplied to those who do not have one. Social Distancing is being practiced in our sanctuary. Worshippers will be directed to a seat that is 6 feet away from other worshippers. Because singing can disperse respiratory droplets 8 feet or more, the congregation does not sing in the service. The names and phone numbers of all worshippers are recorded for the sole purpose of Contact Tracing in the event that a Covid-19 positive person be found to be present at a worship service.
Attendees would be notified. The worship services are approximately 40 minutes in duration.
Those who have a fever, cough, trouble breathing, or other symptoms of illness are asked not to enter the church.
While we have safety measures in place to deter the transmission of Covid-19, we cannot guarantee a Covid-19 free environment. It is suggested that those who desire a 100% risk free environment for the transmission of the Covid-19 virus not attend St. Paul’s worship.

All Are Welcome


If you have any questions please contact us at
or call (717) 624-4238.

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